What is Missional?

To put it simply, missional means to be sent. It's rooted in the great commission and describes a people so changed by the Gospel that the good news overflows into every other areas of their lives.

We serve a sending God. He sends us into the world as missionaries & ambassadors as He did the prophets, Jesus, & the apostles before us. The missional call isn’t an option for some Christians, but an essential element of all followers of Jesus.

God told Israel to be a light to the nations, but they preferred to sit in one spot & wait for the lost to come to them (so the Lord dispersed them). The early church was told to go make disciples in Jerusalem, Judea, & the outermost parts of the world, but they too preferred to stay together (so the Lord dispersed them). Modern day churches (institutional model, attractional model) can fall into the same tendency (putting most of its efforts/resources toward gathering people to church).

We have not arrived or succeeded in full, for we are in process like every other church made up of fallen people. But we’ve seen how easy it is to compartmentalize the Christian faith to fit our own selfish agendas and repented. The Mission family is committed to living lives devoted to the Lord in communion, connected in community, while embarking on God’s mission together in our city. As we go, God will change us, grow us, and save others we can help.