Missional Church Training

  • SOMA CommunitiesSoma church (Tacoma, WA) pastors Jeff Vanderstelt & Caesar Kalinowski have been influential leaders in the missional movement in America. Cory & Molly are graduates of Soma School (missionary training provided via SOMA) and continue to enjoy relationships with its leaders.
  • GCM CollectiveThe GCM (Gospel, Community, Mission) provides an ongoing conversation forum with missional pastors & servant leaders worldwide that helps inform cultural exegesis and application of Gospel, as well as connecting us with missional brothers and sisters from various denominations. The Mission is supportive and actively involved in the Dallas/Fort Worth Collective. 
  • 3dm - God’s work through 3dm – particularly through MC multiplication and leadership development – has been substantial. We’ve learned a great deal from time with Mike & Sally Breen (& Jo Saxton), via participation in 3dm leadership huddles, and continue to do so. 
  • VERGE Network- VERGE serves as an annual gathering point of the missional movement in America. While the main conference is always inspiring, The Misison is most grateful for the opportunity at each year’s pre-conference seminars. There, we’ve learned from missional leaders across the globe, such as Alan Hirsch, Neil Cole, Dave Gibbons, Hugh Halter, and many more. 


Online Bibles

  • Bible.Org – One of the most accurate translations in existence, the NET Bible (New English Translation) is available for free download and access at this site. It also provides a learning environment making access original languages, study tools, and free articles & resources.
  • BibleGateway.Org – Powerful Bible search engine that accesses just about every translation out there, including the NET Bible. 


Recommended Reading