Our Story

Church planting is in our blood. In 1996, Cory & Molly Kuhn served at a church plant in Portland, Oregon that set up & tore down every Sunday morning in a school gym. In 1998, the Kuhns moved to Garland, Texas to help plant a church and attend Dallas Seminary. In 2006, they met the McClungs at a church Aaron & Tracy helped plant, that gathered in the Grapevine Skatetown. All three churches still gather today.

In 2010, God called these two couples to plant a missional church in DFW – one devoted as much to scattering as missionaries (OUT) in community (IN), as gathering to worship on Sunday (UP).

The Mission began with two families praying, fasting, and seeking God’s guidance in Hurst, TX. Having never been part of a Missional Community-type church before, we had much to learn (and still do). The Lord provided helpful guidance from others who’ve gone before us.

We gathered to pray.
We loved neighbors and strangers.
We grew in the Lord.

Eventually God brought other like-minded folks who loved the lost and wanted to help them more than go to another event to have their own needs met. People came to faith. Others had their eyes opened to how self-serving their Christian life had been. People repented and started loving their neighbors and strangers. More gathered to pray and worship.

We soon offered training to whomever wanted it (many people from other churches) about how to live a missional life. We focused on Jesus: how He lived the UP, IN, & OUT life in continuous harmony, how He lovingly invited others into community and intentionally challenged his disciples.

We modeled generous hospitality and opened our homes to whomever was in need. We shared how to re-orient daily life to build relationships with people of peace. People learned from us and began living the calling out in their neighborhoods and communities of faith. We helped other church planters in DFW.

Most of all, we kept learning & growing in Jesus.

In 2011, a church that had once thrived (Mid-Cities Bible Church) invited Cory to preach (they were in a pastoral search at the time). A relationship began that eventually culminated in The Mission being asked to help them thrive once more. The Mission gave counsel and training to some of its members in missional living. The impact was significant.

Later that year, MCBC elders approached The Mission and inquired about how the two churches may be able to help one another. Much prayer, fasting, and conversation ensued between the leaders of both churches. The two church models differed greatly, but MCBC unanimously voted to join God’s call upon The Mission: to bring the Gospel to our city via missional communities who gather Sunday as the church.

In August 2011, the Lord brought the two bodies together in a re-plant process—putting MCBC at rest and resurrecting it as The Mission. The two congregations merged as one blended family and have been serving Jesus as a missional church ever since. Not perfectly, of course … we’re still growing as missionary servants of our missionary God. But He is leading us. 

That's our story so far. We'd love to know yours. Please contact us so we can learn more about you and share more about what God is doing through The Mission.