Our Mission

The Mission is a collection of
missional communities (evangelistic disciple-making organisms) in the DFW metroplex, that make disciples by practicing the biblical relationships of UP, IN, & OUT.

UP means we gather regularly to commune with our Lord & Master, Jesus Christ – by learning and living by His revealed Word (the Bible), prayer, communion, and worship.

IN means our communities function as extended families – caring, encouraging, edifying, discipling, and loving one another as children of the Father.

OUT means our communities embark on a shared mission to a place of need in our city – taking God’s message of hope and life in Jesus.

UP, IN, & OUT is how we live as disciples, and make disciplesJesus modeled a life fully integrating UP, IN, & OUT, and He taught his disciples the same. While it’s human nature to veer toward what we know best and find most comfortable, the kingdom fruit God desires require we grow in areas that don’t come naturally.

  • Practicing UP (communion) and IN (community) without mission results in an inward-focused culture. 
  • Practicing UP & OUT to the neglect of IN results in an event-driven culture.
  • Practicing IN & OUT while neglecting UP results in mere social activism.

The Mission kept a holistic discipleship vision in view in every aspect of how it was designed, planted, and operates today. To us, UP, IN, & OUT encompasses God’s Great Commandment (“Love God & others”) and the Great Commission (“Make disciples”). Though there is great freedom in how these three are expressed in MCs and worship services at The Mission, all three are essential to living as Jesus did. 

How do you do this?
One of our taglines at The Mission is: “Know, Love, Serve.”  These three words summarize the basic path of human relationships. To love someone, you must first know them, whether it be the Lord or your obnoxious neighbor. As God gives us love for the broken people around us (in the church and outside of it), we demonstrate that love tangibly by helping and serving them. 1 Corinthians makes clear that love isn’t a feeling, but a verb acting intentionally (and restraining unloving acts).

Jesus modeled this throughout the Gospels. He’d encounter a stranger, get to know them, have compassion upon them, then help them somehow. He didn’t just do this in his small group or church, but everywhere he went. As he went through daily life, he lived it intentionally to foster relationships with people to bring them to salvation. As disciples of Jesus, we should be doing the same. Knowing people, loving them, and helping them by sharing the Gospel in both tangible deeds and words. Know. Love. Serve.