Affiliations & Influences

The Mission is a non-denominational church, planted with the help of a variety of organizations, partnerships, and relationships – each of whom God used to help shape us in the Gospel.

GCM Collective – The GCM (Gospel, Community, Mission) provides an ongoing conversation forum with missional pastors & servant leaders worldwide that helps inform cultural exegesis and application of Gospel, as well as connecting us with missional brothers and sisters from various denominations. The Mission is supportive and actively involved in the Dallas/Fort Worth Collective.

Dallas Theological Seminary – Through its many pastors, mentors, and professors, DTS has directly and indirectly helped shape many at The Mission. Thanks to DTS, our expositional (verse-by-verse) teaching is rooted in sound exegetical scholarship, yet communicated so anyone can understand.  

3dm – God’s work through 3dm – particularly through MC multiplication and leadership development – has been substantial. We’ve learned a great deal from time with Mike & Sally Breen (& Jo Saxton), via participation in 3dm leadership huddles, and continue to do so.

The Gospel Coalition – The Mission is part of The Gospel Coalition and has benefitted immensely from the tremendous gospel teaching of countless contributors. Most notably, Dr. Timothy Keller’s writings & teachings have been instrumental in rightly rooting us in the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.

SOMA Communities – Soma church (Tacoma, WA) pastors Jeff Vanderstelt & Caesar Kalinowski have been influential leaders in the missional movement in America. Cory & Molly are graduates of Soma School (missionary training provided via and continues to enjoy relationships with its leaders.

Acts 29 - The Lord has done great things through this network of missional church planters. Cory & Molly benefited greatly from their A29 assessment and boot camps, and we gladly support the Gospel work of A29 churches in our city.

VERGE Network- VERGE serves as an annual gathering point of the missional movement in America. While the main conference is always inspiring, The Misison is most grateful for the opportunity at each year’s pre-conference seminars. There, we’ve learned from missional leaders across the globe, such as Alan Hirsch, Neil Cole, Dave Gibbons, Hugh Halter, and many more.

Vision 360 - Invited to be part of the 2011 Church-Planting Cohort, The Mission has greatly benefitted from training received via V360 and relationships with other DFW church planters of various denominations. We’re grateful to Brian Hook for helping The Mission develop its missional vision both locally and globally.

Northwood Church - In 2011, after completing training requirements, Cory & Molly were commissioned as church planters by Pastor Bob Roberts and Northwood Church. We are grateful for their support as we work together to bring the Gospel to our city.

Denton Bible Church - Early on, God used Tommy Nelson to cement our commitment to discipleship. It was at a DBC church plant in Grapevine is where the McClungs & Kuhns first met, and one of DBC’s elders (Alan Chamberlain) blessed us by his mentorship.

Evangelical Free Churches of America – Though we are not within their denomination, the EFCA provided valuable assessment, accountability, and training during our planting process. We are especially thankful for the counsel and help we received from Dr. Bob Rowley, a nationally-respected church planting coach.