You're Welcome

Juan Carlos "Cory" Kuhn | 09/10/17

Series: The Mission DNA

The Mission DNA

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Title Play Date Speaker
What is the Gospel?
Mark 1
02/18/18 Juan Carlos "Cory" Kuhn
Serving the King
Matthew 20
11/12/17 Juan Carlos "Cory" Kuhn
The Earth is the Lord's
Psalms 24
10/08/17 Juan Carlos "Cory" Kuhn
Communion, October 1, 2017
10/01/17 Juan Carlos "Cory" Kuhn
You're Welcome
09/10/17 Juan Carlos "Cory" Kuhn
Any Room in Your Family?
Luke 6:1
08/13/17 Juan Carlos "Cory" Kuhn
Elder Teaching
05/01/16 Juan Carlos "Cory" Kuhn
Missional Training: Todd Wylie
04/03/16 Todd Wylie
Missional Training: Mark Hawkins
04/03/16 Mark Hawkins
Missional Training: Kathy Haecker
04/03/16 Kathy Haecker
Missional Training: Cory Kuhn
04/03/16 Juan Carlos "Cory" Kuhn
Missional Training: Andy Morrison
04/03/16 Andy Morrison
Baptism Service
11/02/15 Juan Carlos "Cory" Kuhn
Elder Commissioning
10/25/15 Cory Kuhn & Elders
Holy-Day Season is Here
Luke 14:12-14
10/04/15 Juan Carlos "Cory" Kuhn
Elder Teaching & Testimony
1 Timothy 3:1-7
09/27/15 Andy Morrison & Mark Hawkins
Families on Mission
John 20:19-23
09/20/15 Cory Kuhn & Missional Communities
Mission DNA
08/16/15 Juan Carlos "Cory" Kuhn
Coming to the Father
Luke 15:11-32
03/15/15 Todd Wylie & Missional Communities
Families Celebrate Together
John 7:37-39
02/15/15 Andy Morrison
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