Jesus’ great commission (Matt. 28:19-20) made every Christian a fulltime missionary (local or global). That means every soccer practice, errand, or phone call is part of your mission field. So rather than pack people's calendars with events, the Mission is intentionally streamlined to free you up live on mission. Simply put, our church gathers in two ways:

Missional Communities

MC's gather in homes during the week to do life together in relationship. These communities are where ministry for men, women, couples, singles, etc. occurs as we practice UP, IN, & OUT together. Sometimes, special gatherings of men or women from multiple MCs collect to dare different endeavors together as family.

Within each MC are many ways to serve one another (teaching, worship, meals, prayer, discipleship, mission mobilization, etc.). Each MC also has its own particular mission field focus, which generates specific roles particular to the needs of that people group.

To learn more about how to serve in a MC, visit one and introduce yourself to the MC leaders. They’ll be happy to help you use your gifts in kingdom work. 

Sunday mornings

The entire church family unites to worship God, disciple children, and provide an open door welcoming unchurched people from our city into fellowship. Providing quality hospitality & care during these services requires a variety of volunteer help. There are many ways you can serve on a Sunday morning: 

  • Audio-Visual Worship Team
  • Musical Worship Team
  • Creative Arts Team
  • Little Feet Nursery (newborn thru 23 months)
  • Little Shoes and Sandals (age 3 thru 6th grade)
  • Hospitality Team (refreshments & greeters)
  • Usher Team

In a healthy family, everyone chips in the work so no one is overburdened. Typically, people serve once per month on their chosen team. Pick whichever interests you most. Those interested in serving can fill out this form:


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