Definition: Small group of leaders (4-6) who meet regularly with a coach for encouragement,
accountability, and to seek God’s guidance.
Duration: Huddles commit to a year of life together (typically September – summer); then reevaluate.
Commitment: Huddles meet weekly, monthly, or something in between (depending on experience level). Participants commit to attend every huddle possible.
Purpose: Accountability, encouragement, and seek Gods’ direction by asking two main questions together: (1) What is God saying to me? (2) What am I going to do about it?
Leader Requirements: Huddle coaches have completed Missional Training (or elder-approved substitute), been participants in a Huddle, and have been trained to lead a huddle.
UP, IN, OUT expressed in huddle following The Mission monthly DNA rhythms
Examples: Every leader at The Mission is huddled, including the Lead Pastor & Elder Board.