Missional Community

An extended family on a mission to lovingly help church visitors meet Jesus, grasp His Gospel, and be welcomed into His church family.

mission field focus: 

In churches all across the globe, people sitng in services don’t know Jesus as Savior. They may know something of God or religion, yet need discipleship in the love, truth, & grace of the Gospel. While other MCs go to where lost folks are, ours welcomes everyone coming into The Mission wherever they are on their spiritual journeys. Our goal is to help people fnd deeper connectons & commitment to Jesus and His Kingdom mission.

Gathers: Welcome MC circles 3-30-18

Our MC is open to anyone to visit, especially frst-tme visitors or newcomers. We gather for dinner at 6:30 pm on most Fridays in various homes near the Mission (& surrounding area). We host a monthly New 2 The Mission luncheon (third Sundays afer church), as well as neighborhood & seasonal events.
Our MC also 
enjoys accompanying newcomers to any Gathering, Group,
or MC they might be interested in, to ease transitons.


Our MC includes singles, married adults, empty-nesters, & families. Our weekly meals involves some form of UP, IN, & OUT (typically focused on a biblical theme), but discussion topic may change depending on partcipant needs. We also take tme off from gathering to cultvate relatonships in our neighborhoods … and just to have fun together. Come visit us!


Jesus said, “Anyone who welcomes you welcomes me, and anyone who welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me.” (Mat. 10:40, NIV)


Bill & Mollee Kuhn
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