Missional Communities

Missional Communities (MC's) are diverse communities of people focused on making disciples of Jesus together. They gather in unity around Christ, the church, and a shared mission within their city. There, they also bring a diversity of backgrounds, spiritual gifts, talents, and seasons of life experiences – all of which are needed to bring good news to unbelievers and disciple them into a mature followers of Jesus. 

MC's gather regularly to grow in their relationships with God, each other, and those outside the faith (UP, IN, OUT). Feel free to pop into one closest to you or contact an MC leader by clicking on the groups to the left.

As you experience real community in MC's, you’ll discover that they are different from Bible studies and small groups because they emphasize mission. MC's aren’t like typical small groups or Bible studies, though they share some things in common. MC's are mid-sized communities of people that share life and mission together.

We should be up front about our Missional Communities. They will disappoint you. We’ve discovered that before real community can happen, people have to abandon their ideal version of community. The great news is that MC's have a solution to disappointment; we point one another to Jesus who doesn’t disappoint. We are all imperfect people clinging to a perfect Christ. We call this gospel community, relationships that put Jesus’s forgiveness and love right in the middle. It’s fun, hard, and rewarding.

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