Where Do I Begin?


Join us on a Sunday

If you’re visiting for the first time, you can expect a casual environment where you can relax, enjoy some coffee, and learn about how God’s moving in our city. As our guest, we’re happy to help you in any way, from finding the bathroom to answering questions about God and the meaning of life. Learn more.


Connect on The City 

The City is our church’s secure online community (sort of like Facebook). It’s where the church family communicates needs & prayer requests, & organizes missional gatherings & service events, etc. You can even use it to give online. Learn more about The City.


New 2 The Mission 

After exploring the church via the City & the website, this is a great second step for anyone seeking to discover if The Mission is where God wants them. Every other month, anyone who’s new is invited to lunch after church where they can meet the elders, MC leaders, staff, and get their questions answered. Learn more.


Missional Training

Join others new to The Mission for missionary training covering various biblical topics to equip you to make disciples wherever God sends you. This series of informal learning lunches will include a meal, teaching on a particular topic, and Q&A time. Missional Training (MT) can be completed prior to joining a missional community or as you begin participating in one. Interested? Sign up here.



Definition: One-time events (goals & details vary)
Duration: Event specific
Participant commitment: None required
Purpose: Meeting & building relationships, having fun – an onramp to The Mission church family, groups, & MCs
Leader Requirements: Anyone in The Mission family can organize any gathering anywhere at any time.
UP, IN, OUT: Varies
Examples: Service projects, Sunday Worship, Women’s Retreat, Men’s Prayer, Worship Jam, Neighborhood parties, concerts, movies, etc.
Watch for upcoming gatherings.


Definition: Specific class, training, or course, function as “onramps” to MCs & a
missionary lifestyle
Duration: Varies, but with specific beginning & end
Participant commitment: Attend & participate in each group meeting
Purpose: Edify believers, reach out to unbelievers – an onramp to The Mission church family
& MCs
Leader Requirements: Team of 2-3 required; filled out a New 2 The Mission form, completed Missional Training (or elder-approved substitute), experience serving in a MC; submit a Groups application form for Elder Board approval; Leaders participate in a Mission Leaders huddle
UP, IN, OUT practiced somehow at every Group (forms of expression varies with each
leadership team).
Examples: Missional Training, English as a Second Language, Bible Study Methods Course
Learn more.

Missional Communities

Definition: Extended family sent by God on mission together to love a specific people group toward Jesus & the church family.
Duration: MCs commit to a year of life together (typically September – August); then reevaluate.
Commitment: MCs gather at least once per week (organized) and interact throughout the week as family (organic). MCs require a commitment to the MC family and the people group it’s trying to reach.
Purpose: Love a specific people group toward Jesus, the MC, & the church family. Can use gatherings & groups as helps. MCs typically focus on a geographic neighborhood (apartment complex, retirement home, etc.), come alongside a network (i.e., Crisis Pregnancy Center, Hurst Rec Center, Hospice) or people group (teenagers, frisbee golfers, etc.).
Leader Requirements: Team of 2-3 family units; filled out a New 2 The Mission form, completed Missional Training (or elder-approved substitute), experience serving in a Missional Community; submit a MC Application form for Elder Board approval; Leaders participate in a Mission Leaders Huddle 
UP, IN, OUT practiced regularly (forms of expression varies with each leadership team).
Examples: Hope Next Door MC (outreach to Bandera Ranch Apartment Complex), Living Room MC (DFW Crisis Pregnancy Centers), Hurst Rec MC (outreach to Hurst Recreational Center)
Learn more.


Definition: Small group of leaders (4-6) who meet regularly with a coach for encouragement,
accountability, and to seek God’s guidance.
Duration: Huddles commit to a year of life together (typically September – summer);
then reevaluate.
Commitment: Huddles meet weekly, monthly, or something in between (depending on experience level). Participants commit to attend every huddle possible.
Purpose: Accountability, encouragement, and seek Gods’ direction by asking two main questions together: (1) What is God saying to me? (2) What am I going to do about it?
Leader Requirements: Huddle coaches have completed Missional Training (or elder-approved substitute), been participants in a Huddle, and have been trained to lead a huddle.
UP, IN, OUT expressed in huddle following The Mission monthly DNA rhythms
Examples: Every leader at The Mission is huddled, including the Lead Pastor & Elder Board.
Learn more.