Welcome Missional Community

An extended family sent by God on mission together to help Sunday visitors at The Mission feel welcome, connect to the family, & commit to Jesus & His church.


Most Fridays at 6:30 pm at various homes near The Mission and in the surrounding area.    Welcome MC circles


  • Our Missional Community welcomes people into The Mission family by exchanging information, connecting in relationship through a mealtogether, and providing introductions to others.  
  • We help people find deeper connections and commitment to Jesus and His Church through encouraging and escorting them to any Missional Community.
  • The Welcome MC hosts events that provide opportunities to get your questions answered by our leadership and to gain an understanding of your personal faith. 


We gather for a meal and practice UP, IN & OUT as a community. We also take time off from gathering to cultivate relationships in our own neighborhoods and just to have fun together! Our MC includes singles, married adults, and families loving people into God's family on mission. 


Bill & Mollee Kuhn
Bill & Mollee Kuhn - Email