Teen Missional Community
Teen MC Circles


Most Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm at various homes in the area with frequent weekend events.


Following God as a teen in today’s culture is full of challenges. Our MC is an extended family of friends that helps teens & parents not just survive the teen years, but thrive in them.

  • We reach out to teens anywhere we meet them
  • Some teens in our MC are churchgoers
  • Other teens are unchurched friends from neighborhoods, school, extracurriculars, etc.
  • Our MC also blesses the parents and families of teens
  • Our MC actively helps needy people in our cities (ie. widows, the homeless). 


We are the most fun MC you’ll ever visit! We gather for dinner as a big family, then teens and adults split off for Scripture, discussion, testimony, prayer, free time, etc. Some weekends we do a service event or fun activity to reach and bless others. The Bible is our guide, the Gospel is our center, and Jesus is our model.


Cory & Molly Kuhn
Cory & Molly Kuhn