Monthly Archive: April, 2010

Jesus’ mission or ours? Perhaps both.

How similar is our mission to that of Jesus? Paul’s inspired theological genius yielded the great doctrines of justification, sanctification, and glorification. Jesus, however, echoed salvation’s call in the simple beckon, “Follow me.” A“disciple” is best defined as “follower” – someone who figuratively “walks in the footsteps” left by his or her Master. Like th [...]

Got friends?

This week I traveled to see some friends I’ve known for almost 30 years. We grew up lost, got saved, and though we live 2000 miles apart, have remained close. Many of us have old friends. That’s easy to do; just grow older. But have we made any new ones lately? I’m not talking about [...]

Old or Young at Heart?

On my flight to Portland last night, both of our flight attendants were in their late 60s. One was older than his years. The other remained young at heart. A man with deep frown lines begrudgingly demonstrated seatbelt and oxygen mask use. His zombie-like movement revealed that he was even more bored with the presentation than the passengers [...]