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She went to him

A 20 year-old young lady in our church family recently took a job at a large restaurant. Never having worked in that industry, she discovered its night life culture is worlds apart from her conservative home-school upbringing. She is among the youngest employees and one of only two professing Christians. Her coworkers were surprised she [...]

Crazy (good) times

My apologies for my not blogging of late. It’s been a crazy three months. A lot has happened since my last entry; so please allow me to bring you up to date. (May) Our church plant steadily grew, as God brought alongside us incredible young people with kingdom hearts. Meanwhile, I was asked to spot [...]

Did you see that?

Headlines prompting prayer this past week Christians who don’t thnk witchcraft is real are either cocooned or don’t read their Bible. Click link below to see Cassanndra — a young girl born into the occult … as if being a teenager isn’t hard enough these days!  The look on her face (and her mom’s) beckons prayer. Angry Witches Cast [...]

Jesus said people prefer old to new … why?

Did you get any used Christmas gifts this year? I’m talking pre-owned, hand-me-down, Goodwill-type stuff.  I doubt it. No one wants used socks for Christmas. But did you know Jesus taught that many people actually prefer old to new? Jesus was a devout Jew and recognized as a great Rabbi, but his ministry philosophy and personal [...]

Enemies, Frenemies, & Swine Bites

Do you have any enemies? I don’t mean ideological adversaries or business rivals. I’m talking about mean people who don’t like you. Tangibly. Antagonists who look at you through squinted eyes of disdain. People who, for whatever twisted reason, decided it’s their job to make your life miserable. Those who have such people in their lives know what [...]

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