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Got a cause you’re committed to? (What’s missional? pt. 1)

In 1989 I visited my cousin and her husband in China. Noel was a journalist for Associated Press and Ed was a Reuters photographer. With their two-year assignment nearing its end, they burned some vacation days to meet me in Hong Kong and show me around Southeast Asia. A week into our travels, an uprising [...]

Did you see that?

Headlines prompting prayer this past week Christians who don’t thnk witchcraft is real are either cocooned or don’t read their Bible. Click link below to see Cassanndra — a young girl born into the occult … as if being a teenager isn’t hard enough these days!  The look on her face (and her mom’s) beckons prayer. Angry Witches Cast [...]

Did You See That?

Real Life Stories from Our Nation & World   A massive monument giving homage to Jesus Christ. Only hitch? That pesky 2nd commandment … Polish Town Constructs World’s Largest Jesus AOL News, 11-10-10, via Krakow Post   Speaking of commandments, Pakistan takes the Koran’s deathly seriously.  Have you thanked God for your freedoms of speech and [...]