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Unmerry Christmas?

Who doesn’t love Christmas? The festive music, colorful lights, cards in the mail from old friends — odds are, you’re in the midst of many of these celebratory expressions. And rightly so. For Christmas is about celebrating the greatest event in history: God giving humanity the gift of salvation through his Son Jesus. Even unbelievers [...]

Crazy (good) times

My apologies for my not blogging of late. It’s been a crazy three months. A lot has happened since my last entry; so please allow me to bring you up to date. (May) Our church plant steadily grew, as God brought alongside us incredible young people with kingdom hearts. Meanwhile, I was asked to spot [...]

Eternal investments

We just returned from a weeklong, 1500-mile drive to/from Florida. Nearing our house, my weary daughter Hannah said, “There’s no place like home.” Good line. Ought to be in a movie. The reason for our journey was to attend training required for our church plant process – specifically, a fundraising boot camp by the Christian [...]