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Got a cause you’re committed to? (What’s missional? pt. 1)

In 1989 I visited my cousin and her husband in China. Noel was a journalist for Associated Press and Ed was a Reuters photographer. With their two-year assignment nearing its end, they burned some vacation days to meet me in Hong Kong and show me around Southeast Asia. A week into our travels, an uprising [...]

What do you want God to do for you?

If you could change anything about your life in 2011, what would it be? Jesus is no genie, but if God gave you one wish, what would you ask for? My friend Brian is a pastor who also happens to be blind. We first crossed paths as students at Dallas Theological Seminary. As if grad school [...]

Do we really need another church?

When giving presentations about our church plant (usually to church boards), I often begin by addressing the question, “Why are we planting a church in this city?” After all, it’s reasonable for people to wonder, “Aren’t there enough churches in Texas?” For those of you who don’t live in the south, Dallas is often called “the buckle [...]

Eternal investments

We just returned from a weeklong, 1500-mile drive to/from Florida. Nearing our house, my weary daughter Hannah said, “There’s no place like home.” Good line. Ought to be in a movie. The reason for our journey was to attend training required for our church plant process – specifically, a fundraising boot camp by the Christian [...]