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Crazy (good) times

My apologies for my not blogging of late. It’s been a crazy three months. A lot has happened since my last entry; so please allow me to bring you up to date. (May) Our church plant steadily grew, as God brought alongside us incredible young people with kingdom hearts. Meanwhile, I was asked to spot [...]

Walk into a war zone?

As those of you on our prayer team know, last week the kids and I spent four days in a war zone. It’s called the Mexican border. We served in two areas directly on the Rio Grande. Recent massive flooding left the region decimated. Inhabitants lost everything, except the now-rotting frames of their houses. All [...]

Wounded Bride

Have you ever been part of a dying church? Or a denomination in decline? Lately I’ve met people with church experiences “from hell,” as it were. The church is a family, but sinful flesh can make it a dysfunctional one. Satan gleefully plays a part too. His tactics (corruption, deception, malnourishment, conflict) are so effective [...]

We’ve been fighting lately

Sorry our blogging was sparse this week. We’ve had some big blowup fights lately. Not between Molly and me – we’re madly in love as ever. But this past week I got called every name in the book and Molly was yelled at and hung up on. Both are probably good practice for pastoring a church. By [...]