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Unmerry Christmas?

Who doesn’t love Christmas? The festive music, colorful lights, cards in the mail from old friends — odds are, you’re in the midst of many of these celebratory expressions. And rightly so. For Christmas is about celebrating the greatest event in history: God giving humanity the gift of salvation through his Son Jesus. Even unbelievers [...]

Got a cause you’re committed to? (What’s missional? pt. 1)

In 1989 I visited my cousin and her husband in China. Noel was a journalist for Associated Press and Ed was a Reuters photographer. With their two-year assignment nearing its end, they burned some vacation days to meet me in Hong Kong and show me around Southeast Asia. A week into our travels, an uprising [...]

Enemies, Frenemies, & Swine Bites

Do you have any enemies? I don’t mean ideological adversaries or business rivals. I’m talking about mean people who don’t like you. Tangibly. Antagonists who look at you through squinted eyes of disdain. People who, for whatever twisted reason, decided it’s their job to make your life miserable. Those who have such people in their lives know what [...]

Walk into a war zone?

As those of you on our prayer team know, last week the kids and I spent four days in a war zone. It’s called the Mexican border. We served in two areas directly on the Rio Grande. Recent massive flooding left the region decimated. Inhabitants lost everything, except the now-rotting frames of their houses. All [...]

Who’s in the hospital?

The past few days I’ve been visiting a dear friend in the hospital. Long story short: two months ago doctors discovered a brain tumor. It was quickly removed, along with his ability to move the left side of his body. Soon he’ll begin radiation treatment and chemotherapy, which feels anything but therapeutic (according to everyone [...]