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Willing to be sent? (What’s Missional? Pt. 2)

God made us to move. When our son Judah was born, he couldn’t move much. He could squirm, but that’s about it. We’d lay him on a blanket on the living room floor, underneath an arch dangling colorful shapes for him to gaze at. We could heat up his baby formula in the kitchen and [...]

Got a cause you’re committed to? (What’s missional? pt. 1)

In 1989 I visited my cousin and her husband in China. Noel was a journalist for Associated Press and Ed was a Reuters photographer. With their two-year assignment nearing its end, they burned some vacation days to meet me in Hong Kong and show me around Southeast Asia. A week into our travels, an uprising [...]

Do we really need another church?

When giving presentations about our church plant (usually to church boards), I often begin by addressing the question, “Why are we planting a church in this city?” After all, it’s reasonable for people to wonder, “Aren’t there enough churches in Texas?” For those of you who don’t live in the south, Dallas is often called “the buckle [...]

Girls growing up

This past weekend my daughter and I spent a very special morning talking, reading and sharing … about girl stuff. With fifth grade ahead, Hannah is embarking on a new stage of life. One that takes many girls by surprise. Knowing that it can be a stressful time, I’d sought advice from other moms and [...]

Jesus’ mission or ours? Perhaps both.

How similar is our mission to that of Jesus? Paul’s inspired theological genius yielded the great doctrines of justification, sanctification, and glorification. Jesus, however, echoed salvation’s call in the simple beckon, “Follow me.” A“disciple” is best defined as “follower” – someone who figuratively “walks in the footsteps” left by his or her Master. Like th [...]