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She went to him

A 20 year-old young lady in our church family recently took a job at a large restaurant. Never having worked in that industry, she discovered its night life culture is worlds apart from her conservative home-school upbringing. She is among the youngest employees and one of only two professing Christians. Her coworkers were surprised she [...]

Unmerry Christmas?

Who doesn’t love Christmas? The festive music, colorful lights, cards in the mail from old friends — odds are, you’re in the midst of many of these celebratory expressions. And rightly so. For Christmas is about celebrating the greatest event in history: God giving humanity the gift of salvation through his Son Jesus. Even unbelievers [...]

What do you want God to do for you?

If you could change anything about your life in 2011, what would it be? Jesus is no genie, but if God gave you one wish, what would you ask for? My friend Brian is a pastor who also happens to be blind. We first crossed paths as students at Dallas Theological Seminary. As if grad school [...]

Jesus said people prefer old to new … why?

Did you get any used Christmas gifts this year? I’m talking pre-owned, hand-me-down, Goodwill-type stuff.  I doubt it. No one wants used socks for Christmas. But did you know Jesus taught that many people actually prefer old to new? Jesus was a devout Jew and recognized as a great Rabbi, but his ministry philosophy and personal [...]

Our brother’s keeper?

The past two weeks, Molly and I were blessed to have a young man stay with us. We first met Stephen in the mid-90’s, but lost touch 13 years ago. Recently we reconnected via Facebook. Knowing he’s lived in Oregon his entire life, Molly and I invited him to visit us.   Stephen’s life journey [...]