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Simply Scripture

In 14 years of marriage, Molly & I visited numerous churches — probably over 40 of them. While preparing for church planting again, we sought to learn from each how the Lord was at work. As we’d participate, we’d observe how the service was led (perhaps you do this too). Endeavoring to be constructively critical, [...]

Songless Sunday

Can you imagine going to a church service without music? How foreign would that feel? No hymns, doxology, praise songs. That’s what happened last Sunday at The Mission. First, you have to know that we love to sing praise to the Lord. Two of our elders are longtime worship leaders. We planned Sunday as a [...]

Eternal investments

We just returned from a weeklong, 1500-mile drive to/from Florida. Nearing our house, my weary daughter Hannah said, “There’s no place like home.” Good line. Ought to be in a movie. The reason for our journey was to attend training required for our church plant process – specifically, a fundraising boot camp by the Christian [...]